Analysis Of The Lesson By Bambara

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“The Lesson” “The Lesson” was written by Toni Cade Bambara. This essay recounts the day Miss Moore took a group of neighborhood kids to the toy store F.A.O Schwartz. Sylvia and her friend Sugar make it clear that they’d rather be somewhere else and out enjoying the day. Sylvia and her friends are astounded by the price tags they see on some toys and are left breathless wondering why someone would pay “37$ for a performing clown or 1000$ for a handcrafted sailboat”. The conflict between the narrator Sylvia is external conflict and it is shown by self VS economic welfare. The reason being is because the group of neighborhood kids are born into a sense of poverty. We can come to a conclusion towards the middle of the story that they and their families do not have a lot of money. The conflict of the children is that they…show more content…
They are in the rich vs poor society and they are placed unfortunately in the poor part of society. The rising peak of the story is when Miss Moore first moves into their neighborhood and claims her self as the future educator for the kids and plans to turn them into the right direction so they can be presentable in society. The central idea is the examination of the rich and poor society. The primary conflict of the story is external between the kids and society. They realize they are born into the poor part of society but still have the desire to want.
The first conflict began when Miss Moore first moved into the neighborhood. Miss Moore had dedicated herself to guide the children in the right way and the children don’t want anything to do with it. When Miss Moore
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