The Long Way Home Analysis

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America is made up of immigrants. As the “melting pot” of the world our country was built and fought by the people who risked it all just to receive the title of “American”. In The Long Way Home, by David Laskin, he writes a story to showcase the trials and tribulations during the most influential time in American history. As a new nation that was flourishing fast in the 19th and 20th centuries; by the time the First World War came around we were at an all time high. Laskin writes about the immigrant’s colossal contribution to The Great War. Almost half of the American troops were made up of foreign-born soldiers. But no matter how horrible the conditions they were proud to be fighting for freedom. And proud to be American.…show more content…
There were riots breaking out because people believed immigrants were invaders. Plus they were working not only for themselves, but also for their family back in Italy so even though they had so many struggles they stuck it out and fought for their family. Meyer traveled to America in hopes of finding his father, but upon arrival he was told that his father had died just two years earlier from an aliment that no one could really diagnose. His dad lived a hard life in America and was so poor that he was buried in a pauper’s grave. For Epifanio and Meyer, the war brought upon hostile people with opposing views of the war. They were confused on their views not sure of what to think of the war in their homelands. The war brought upon riots and shortages as they started to prepare for entry. Many people were leaving the U.S during this time. One reason is because they didn’t want to fight but Epifanio and Meyer both decided its better to stay and become a citizen than to leave and have worked so hard for nothing. Meyer went into the war feeling ready, he felt as though he had been prepared by his jobs, hauling all sorts of heavy things. He was really rushed with training, it was intense but in a matter of days from training he was on the front lines with only being competent with a
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