Analysis Of The Long Way Home By David Laskin

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America is made up of immigrants. As the “melting pot” of the world our country was built and fought by the people who risked it all just to receive the title of “American”. In The Long Way Home, by David Laskin, he writes a story to showcase the trials and tribulations during the most influential time in American history. As a new nation that was flourishing fast in the 19th and 20th centuries; by the time the First World War came around we were at an all time high. Laskin writes about the immigrant’s colossal contribution to The Great War. Almost half of the American troops were made up of foreign-born soldiers. But no matter how horrible the conditions they were proud to be fighting for freedom. And proud to be American. 1892, Meyer Epstein was born in Uzda, Russian Pale Settlement. He was a small boy, but stronger than he looked. Beginning with a rough start in life with his father, Yehuda Epstein, in America looking for a better life and then losing his mother, Sarah Epstein, giving birth to his brother, Alexander. All by the time he was 4. He was passed on to an Aunt who was married to a butcher. But, they were devastatingly poor. When Meyer turned 10 his Aunt and Uncle had to send him off to live else where due to money issues. With a twist of fate he was boarded on the wrong train and at 10 was sent off into the world on his own. Meyer got off and followed the train tracks to the next town. He was a smart boy and once he reached the next town Meyer found a

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