Analysis Of The Lottery: Who Is Responsible For Tessie's Death

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Imagine the love of your life, a random old man, and the whole town is responsible for your death. That is exactly what occurred with the main protagonist in the novel Lottery. The Lottery is a short novel, written by Shirley Jackson published on June 26, 1948. The story paints a fictional town with an annual ritual known as the lottery. The lottery requests the head of the household to draw slips. If selected, the second round was for individual family members to draw. The person picked is stoned to death to ensure a good harvest. Those who are responsible for Tessie’s death are her husband Bill, the town’s elder Old Man Warner, and the town’s society as a whole.
One person responsible for Tessie’s death is her static husband Bill Hutchinson. Bill Hutchinson is accountable for the death of his wife, due to the fact that he could have saved her. During the lottery, the Hutchinson family was selected and one member of the
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Old Man Warner is responsible for Tessie’s death because he is an elder with a large influence on the town, but does not speak up. the idea of the lottery in his view is not a bad thing. While conversing with Mr. Adam, Old Man Warner called the people in the north “Pack of crazy fools” when Mr.Adam told him that the people in the north are considering to give up the lottery. In another event, Old man Warner tells the town “Seventy-seventh year I been in the lottery… Seventy-seventh time.” The main idea of the entire quote of old man Warner is to know that he has been in the process a long time, and the blame has fallen on him because he has not once in his seventy-seven time in the lottery spoke out about the process being inhumanly cruel, or evil. Old man Warner is an elder, and the elder of a town are mostly respected for their wisdom. Old man Warner has a humongous effect on the town, and him simply speaking up will cause the town to
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