Analysis Of The Love Eterne And Butterfly Lovers

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In this part, a comparison of views of love will be made among The ballad of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’s common study as sworn brothers, The Love Eterne and Butterfly Lovers first and then follow by the explanations which count for their differences. For the comparison part, the focus will be put on the character Zhu Ying Tai.

Individual vs Family
In the text, love and marriage are not only a matter of individual for Zhu Yingtai, but something inseparable from her family. For the Chinese, the family is of no doubt the center of their lives, so the interest of their family or even the kin must be protected. Although Zhu feels sorry for Liang, Zhu hasn’t say a word after realizing she is betrothed to Ma by her parents. What she did is to hide her grief from her parents and accept the arrangement obediently. When she is questioned by Liang of her own thought, she defends that “ancient times a girl at home obeys her parents” and breaking the promise to marry will greatly harm her family. While it is a totally different case for The Love Eterne and Butterfly Lovers. For these two versions, Zhu placed one 's benefit over the whole family. For example, Zhu in The Love Eterne asks Mrs. Meng to be the matchmaker and gives Liang the jade bracelet as a token of their betrothal. And this violates both federal code of ethics and principle of filial piety as they do this without parents ' approval. In addition, this is heighten when Zhu suggests to arrange marriage for Liang and his

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