Analysis Of 'The Lumber Room And The Man Of The House'

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Question 1 Exploring the world through the eyes of children may be different from what an adult would see. Their spirit and will to experience their childhood are boundless from the sceptical lens of a nurturing adult. Written by Saki, The Lumber Room tells a story of mischievous Nicholas who is taken care by his cold and punitive aunt whilst The Man of the House by Frank O’Connor depicts a life of a responsible child named Sullivan who takes care of his sick mom and plays the role at being an adult. The presence of a nurturing adult may result to a wonderful childhood experience. However, children naturally possess the ability to perceive situations differently. The spirit and beauty of childhood will not diminish without the care of a nurturing adult as children are very determined to achieve what they want, they are observant to their surrounding and their innocence is able to make the environment more convivial. Determination drives children to accomplish their desires in any way. The power of will and strategic planning will break the control of the adults, as they are encouraged to persistently put their best effort in everything they do. For example, Nicholas becomes a ‘skilled tactician’ as he successfully comes up with a meticulous plan in order to avoid the trip to Jagborough. This allows him to venture into the Lumber Room. In The Man of the House, Sullivan willingly goes all the way to North Dispensary to get her mother’s prescription. He was really afraid that

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