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The soundtrack slowly crescendos, and Furiosa launches herself at Max, tackling him as she dives into his midsection. She grabs the shotgun from his hand, hitting him across the jaw with her stubbed forearm. Putting the gun to Max’s chin, Furiosa pulls the trigger, but the gun simply clicks. The fight continues as both attempt to gain the upper hand, consistently beating each other with whatever weapon they can wield. Finally, Max rips away a gun from Furiosa, with the help of the recently revived warboy. He fires three warning shots and puts the gun to her head, poised to put a bullet through her brain. Mad Max: Fury Road is packed with this fast and intense action, almost taking up the entire run time of this multiple Oscar winning film.…show more content…
While running from Immortan Joe, Furiosa and co. hit a rare muddy patch in the desert, forcing their war machine to slow down to a literal crawl. As they hear their foes car’s approach, Max takes hold of a sniper rifle, and fires to shows that miss his target. Furiosa squats behind before the last shot, and Max hands over the rifle to Furiosa, who uses Max as support to take the final shot. Furiosa hits her target, buying the team some time. Not only does this show Furiosa is more skilled with a gun than Max is, but it also demonstrates her sharp mind. According to an article in the New York Post by Kyle Smith, “[Furiosa] cleverly uses Max’s shoulder as a tripod to stabilize it”, thus reinforcing the idea that Furiosa is smarter than Max because she used him as a “tripod” to make the shot. Furiosa again exhibits her qualities that break those boundaries of being feminine, displaying the equality between men and women in all aspects. But is this enough for Fury Road to qualify as feminist? Is Furiosa being a badass make this movie a feminist movie? It is awesome to see her fight, kill, and beat up people in such spectacular fashion, but isn’t that what Immortan Joe does? If both females and males do the same action, is that

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