Analysis Of The Marketing Strategy Of Mcdonald's In India

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To what extent has the marketing strategy of McDonald’s first outlet in INDIA (1996) been effective as a growth for McDonald’s in INDIA?

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“To what extent has the marketing strategy of McDonald’s first outlet in India (1996) been effective as a growth of McDonald’s in India?”
This is the question that this essay attempts to answer. A multinational company is an organisation that operates in two or more countries, with its head workplace typically based mostly on the home country.
The investment by foreign companies in food processing is increasing day by day. One of the famous food MNCs is McDonald’s. The Company McDonald’s was introduced by the McDonald brothers (Dick and Mac) in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Now the companies have about 35,000 restaurants worldwide.
Through this essay, I am going to explore the different types of marketing strategies adopted by this multinational company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the marketing strategies they use to establish themselves in other countries such as India? And also, what are the difficulties they had to face in entering the market in India.
By exploring these, I want to know how these strategies help MNCs like McDonald’s to grow in India. In this essay, I will mention how McDonald’s enter into India, what are the objectives of the company, the techniques used by the company
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