Analysis Of The Men We Carry In Our Minds By Scott Russell Sanders

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Men Lives vs. Woman Lives
In “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russell Sanders he discusses growing up and seeing different gender roles. He elaborates on certain aspects of growing up to convince you of his argument. Russel Scott spends time expressing that men live harder lives than women. Second, men are responsible for certain domestic responsibilities and financial support for their families. Lastly, he convinces us that its men’s fate, if you are in the blue collar world, that you and your body will age faster than someone in the white collar world. Throughout his arguments I agree with some of his statements about the lives of women at home, that they are more desirable, him relating to women’s struggle of not having the worlds
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His father is his prime subject because he sees what his father goes through at work and at home. Russel Scotts father was a laborer rather than a boss. When Russel Scott gets to college he sees that as his colleges fathers have white collar jobs in offices, where as his father has a blue collar labor job. In his story he dreads growing up because of the physical toll it took on his father and Russel recognizes the domestic responsibilities. He would have to support his family when in fatherhood or do even more work at home when he comes home from his job. Russel Scott shares that he wants to be more of a boss in the white collar world rather than blue collar because unlike his father, laboring all day for no gain in the work place is not what he…show more content…
Personally I believe that men’s lives were harder than women’s in the past because of the features they went through on everyday basis. Men had to work all day and come home to do even more work on the house or provide a hot meal every night. In trying to figure out which one was more difficult, I feel men’s lives were because their body’s aged faster than women and they faced a bigger toll in the long run. He has pointed out that men might have domestic responsibilities and I agree they do. After they come home having to do tasks around the house is one of the responsibilities. I don’t agree with Russel Scotts statement that this is every man’s fate because not everyone ends up in a blue collar job forever or some can start in white collar. For more opportunities to work your way up instead of staying at one economic

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