Analysis Of The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood

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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood is a book about an outlaw named Robin Hood and his merry men as they live in the forest and steal from the rich and give to really poor people. I will give a short summary of the main events for all chapters. We will see that the Sheriff continues to plot against Robin Hood, Robin Hood is more intelligent than the Sheriff. Chapter five begins as Robin Hood is walking through the forest thinking about how he wants to seek revenge on the Sheriff of Nottingham. He wants to get him back three times as much. He meets a young butcher on his way to town and buys his cart, horse, meat, and clothes for six marks. Robin goes into town and sells all of his meat before the other butchers sell their meat. He sells…show more content…
Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham wants to make a deal with Robin Hood. the Sheriff said he will give Robin 300 pounds for Robin’s entire stock of horned beast. Because Robin is very smart , he tricked the Sheriff into coming into the forest with him to inspect the animals but there weren't any animals. Once in the forest, Robin reveals who he really is and calls for his merry men to come out and greet the Sheriff. Robin Hood and his men greeted the Sheriff with a feast,after a fantastic feast, they make the sheriff pay. The price of the feast is 300 pounds, which is the amount the two men agreed on in their trade. The Sheriff had no other choice but to pay the money, so he paid Robin and left the…show more content…
Little John goes to the kitchen to get breakfast, but the Stewart is there making it difficult for Little John to get food. Little John eventually punches and breaks the pantry door because he is so hungry and was tired of the Stewart. The cook then enters the room and becomes friends with Little John but they still fight because they want to keep their word. Theye fought for two hours but they not one of them win. so Little John invites the cook to go live with him and Robin Hood. Before they leave, they take some of the sheriff’s silver. Robin Hood receives the silver and tells them to return it because they are stealing from the Sheriff without a cause, so Little John then tricks the Sheriff into going to see Robin in Sherwood to get his silver
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