Analysis Of The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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“The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka’ popular short story tackles how work can change a person. The graphic novel by Peter Kuper further illustrates and shows, in detailed sketches, how Gregor Samsa was so engrossed in his job, and his disdain for it, that he completely glossed over the fact that he had become an insect. He completely ignored the fact that he could hardly move, and instead kept trying to overcome his newly found physical limitations by trying to get out of bed to get changed for work. Gregor Samsa acted this way for three main reasons, he felt a responsibility for providing for his family, he wanted to move onto another job with a new boss, and he dreaded going to work as it made him feel depressed. Gregor acted in a relatively calm way to his metamorphosis into a bug because he felt responsible for providing his family with money. On page 111 of Kuper’s graphic novel, Gregor reflects on why he doesn’t want to get up for work, and one specific thing he mentions is, “Ahh, if it weren’t for my parent’s predicament, I’d have quit long ago.” Gregor, throughout the novel, is seen trying to get up from his bed and to work without pausing to reason with himself or even question what had caused him to turn into a bug. He did this because he felt responsible, he even mentions later on in the story that he’d quit once he payed off his parent’s debt to his boss, and even though it would take about 5 years, he was determined to do so. Gregor acted in the way that he
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