Analysis Of The Metamorphosis

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On July 3, 1883 born Franz Kafka in Prague who known as an author that writes novels and short story in language of German. He was brought up in family of middle-class in Kingdom of Bohemia capital with the ability of speaking Jewish in German. In his life mostly, the reality about the Prague’s population speaks Czech together with the separation between German and Czech speaking person are competing by themselves to make their identity strong enough where in his works such as “The Metamorphosis”, The Trial” and “The Castle” can be seen the portrayal of the society with alienated archetypes, the brutality of psychological with physical, the conflict between the parents and child and terrified quest by the characters. The community of Jewish often stuck in middle of the two cultural where will questioning about to whom a place is belong to and Kafka considers the German as his mother tongue language is fluent in the two languages. He was a lawyer and began to write in his free time. He had regret for who he is being and liked to communicate through letters where he applied to his sister, father and fiancée that had influenced on the writing of Kafka. Most of his work was published after his death where it took place on 3rd June in 1924 by Max Brod, his friend that Kafka wished to demolish his manuscripts.
The salesman of traveling, Gregor Samsa who found out himself had turned into a bigger size of insect with curved hard surface like circle on his back with
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