Analysis Of The Minister's Black Veil

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“The Minister’s Black Veil” is a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story deals with a young minister from a small town of Milford “Mr. Reverend Hooper”. The story eveolves around him wearing the black veil and hiding his face from the people of Milford while he himself can see all the faces around him. Hooper’s fiancé Elizabeth was supposed mary him which she doesn’t after the former hides his face from the public. Still she spends her time taking good care of Hooper as she had some strong feelings for him. Mr. Revrend Hooper is the protagonist of the story who is displayed as a young preacher in the small town of Milford. one pleasant morning he comes out of his door wearing a black veil which hides his entire face but the mouth and everybody is just surprised to see this act of him. accordin to the protagonist it is just to reaveal the fact that everybody needs to accept their own sins and the way in which they hide their personally committed sins from the public . everybody has to accept that they have some interests which just takes them away from their God, family members , friends and all other known ones. He reaveals the purpose of his action at the end of the story and leaves a message for every human beign in that town that they should be honest with each other…show more content…
He is gthe one who stands beside hooper’s bed and asks about the reasons for his action of wearing a Veil while he was about to die . Clerck asked Hooper about the sin he commited that he was left by expearencing so much guilt . he stands by Hooper and listens to his words . “The Birthmark” is also one of the short stories of Nathaniel Hwathorne dealing with science and love . Aylmer is a scientist who desires to marry a beautiful woman name Georgina. She is a perfect girl with a birthmark that is not accepted by Aylmer. He wants to get rid of her birthmark and ends up killing Georgina for his greedy
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