Analysis Of The Monkeys Paw

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"It had a spell put on it by an old fakir," said the sergeant-major, "a very holy man". Is fate controlling our lives? Can we interfere with our fate? The answer to all of this questions are in the story the Monkey 's Paws, written by W.W. Jacob. This questions are revealed through the plot analysis of the story. The plot can connect events for the reader. The plot also focuses on: characters and setting that are mostly shown in the exposition; on events or actions that are revealed in the rising and falling action; the problem of the story that can also be called conflict; and how the conflict is resolved which is called resolution or end. In the exposition of the Monkey 's Paw, the author gives us, readers, the setting, the main characters and some background information. The setting described in the Monkey 's Paw is in a small parlor of Laburnum villa, England, about 1902. The main characters revealed in the exposition are: Herbert White (son of Mrs. and Mr. White, loyal child and works in Maws and Meggins), Mrs. White (mother of Herbert, intelligent and passionate woman, and loving), and Mr. White (father of Herbert, curious and malleable old man, but poor). Sergeant-Major Morris ( a friend of the Whites, he is a mysterious man and enjoys talking about his adventures abroad was also revealed in the exposition. W.W. Jacob starts the exposition with Herbert and Mr. White playing a chess game while Mrs. White sits knitting by the fire. He introduces the Whites as a

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