Analysis Of The Monkey's Paw

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“The Monkey’s Paw” was written by W.W. Jacobs. This short story was published in England in 1902. The mysterious work of fiction can be interpreted in many different ways considering the main events that take place throughout the story. The main event in this short story is if the monkey’s paw actually worked or not. This is reflected by the many subplots within the story. When reading the story, one learns that the White family live in an isolated home in a very low populated area. When receiving a visitor, Sergeant Major Morris, they are informed of a trip he took to India. While, he was there he brought a souvenir back with him. The souvenir was a monkey’s paw that had been possessed to preform wishes of any kind, but only by men. As the White family was informed, they discover that what the Sergeant tells them about the monkey’s paw is that it is very dangerous and that it can lead to death. When the sergeant tries to get rid of the paw by throwing it into the fire Mr. White saves it and says that if the sergeant doesn’t want it he does. In that moment the main plot develops. Finally, the sergeant leaves and Mr. White is left with the decision to wish on the paw or not. Taking into consideration the stories told about the paw, and how it could not possibly be magical Mr. White’s son, Herbert, convinces him to wish on the paw for 200 pounds. The amount wished for was the exact amount of money they need to pay off the family’s home. The next day a terrible accident
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