Analysis Of The Monster In 'Grendel' By John Gardner

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Monsters are described as big, ugly, no-feelings creatures. They are also described as creatures of hell or creatures that are not acceptable in the society. This is disagreeable, not all monsters are ugly, and some monsters do have some feelings. The monster Grendel, in the book Grendel by the author John Gardner, shows that he is sensitive and has human's feeling traits even though he is a monster. Different events in the book, prove that the monster is impressionable and afraid. Everyone describe Grendel from his physical appearance. For example, "When a man-eating beast meets an epic hero (Coleman 24)" was the title of an play. The title described Grendel as a beast because of his appearance and the way humans looked at Grendel. Grendel…show more content…
He doesn't think like a beast such as a lion or a grizzly bear. A beast is a animal that would do anything to kill someone. Grendel,…show more content…
Whatever the coach say, the player do it without any questions. Usually the players be scare of the coaches. In this relationship, Grendel is the player and the dragon is the coach. Apparently, the dragon can see the future so he tells Grendel what he should do, so the future can turn out just like the dragon's vision. "I discovered that the dragon put a charm on me: no weapon could cut me (Gardner 75)". So the dragon told Grendel to start killing the knights and people at the meadhall because it would keep the society alive. If Grendel keeps killing people in meadhall every year, the knights and the king would keep planning a defense every year to keep the monster away from the valley. Grendel did what the Dragon told him, on the first night of Grendel attack. Grendel didn't know what he was doing because that was his first time. He made his appearance seeable quick, he try to kill other one knight to see how it really felt to kill someone but other knights saw him and that's when they all attacked Grendel. One knight had a good shot at Grendel, the knight brought his sword behind his head and swung the sword as if that was his last time cutting someone or something. Grendel was very scared, he thought that was the end of his life so he just hugged himself and hoped that a miracle would happen. Well Grendel forgot about the charm, so when the sword came in contact with him, the sword bounced right off

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