Analysis Of The Movie And The Great Gatsby

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There are several instances where deception creates a false sense of reality in both the book and movie. Fitzgerald writes his book in first person with Nick Carraway as the narrator. The book presents Nick as garrulous. Therefore, the reader sometimes would detect uncertainty since the entire story is told by Nick. However, in the novel, Nick states "I am one of the few honest people I have ever known" (Fitzgerald 63). This allows the reader to move past this uncertainty, but even this statement is subjective. Luhrmann plays with this idea of uncertainty that is placed on Nick since the story is being told by him. Luhrmann adds both a new character and frame-narrative to establish Nick as an unreliable narrator. The adaptation questions his reliability as a source as they place Nick in a mental institution for his alcoholism. In the mental institution, Nick is seen having a session with a Doctor. In both the movie and the book, Gatsby is considered the life of the party in New York. In the movie, he is seen in the headline of newspapers frequently. For example, "JAY CASHES IN! GATSBY STRIKES WALL STREET GOLD!" and "GATSBY BUYING OUR CITY? INVESTMENT MONOPOLY FUELS CONCERNS" (Movie) are several headlines that are featured in the movie. In addition, the movie displays several of the parties that take place at his mansion. In the book, Nick references Gatsby 's constant parties by saying "there was music from [Gatsby 's] house through the summer nights" (Fitzgerald 41). Nick
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