Critique Of Awakenings

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Name: Gajol, Mylyn Marie A. Course and Section: SLP 1-1 Villareal, Jasmin Lizette R. Name of the Professor: Peggy Anne Movie Critique of “Awakenings” The Writer: Oliver Sacks, Steven Zaillian, Paul W. Shapiro The Director: Penny Marshall A skilled neurologist and writer, Oliver Sacks was best remarkably known for his book, ‘Awakenings’, written on 1972, which was made as adaptation to the movie starred by Robin Williams in 1990. The film, ‘Awakenings’ was based upon the memoir of Oliver Sacks and his life. Dr. Sacks recommended changing his name into a fictional character, Malcolm Sayer (Robin…show more content…
The story is fact-based although the names are changed and some of the events are fictionalized. We recommend this book to the early teenagers and adults because for as we know teenager and adults would really appreciate this kind of movie since some teenagers loves reading novels, dramas they would also consider watching movies like this since the genre of the movie is drama adults would also enjoy watching this kind of movie. The movie “Awakenings” is PG 13 because there are some words and circumstances that are not advisable for children under 13 to see but of course if they have the guidance of their parents or guardian they can also watch, expect that the children might have many questions to ponder after or during the movie that they may not…show more content…
I believe that it also touched others feelings as well. The actors are very great and impressive. The execution of the story is well presented from the beginning to the plot, up to the climax to the ending. Another great thing about "Awakenings," is that it truly teaches us to appreciate the simple things in life that we take for granted, from taking a walk by yourself or reading a book or even just brushing your teeth. We enjoyed watching it though it made us shed into tears. Overall, Awakenings is an entertaining, yet poignant film that is eloquently laced with poetry and a beautiful score by Randy Newman. This is easily the most powerful tearjerker that I 've ever seen, thanks in large part to the brilliant performances by Williams and De Niro. But to be fair, the whole cast was excellent, and they were helped by a script that was nearly perfect. For me, the scenes with Miller proved to be the most emotional, but really, the whole film was heartwarming or heartbreaking on some level. Beyond this, there are outstanding acting performances by Robert Deniro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner and others. In that case, we give the movie a score of 10 out of 10. Well done to the director, writer actor and actresses. We are very well
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