What Is The Movie Critique Of Awakenings

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Movie Critique of “Awakenings”

The Writer: Oliver Sacks

The Director: Penny Marshall

The Year the movie was shown: 1990

The movie Awakenings starring Robert De Niro as Leonard Lowe and Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer portrays the true story of a doctor name Dr. Malcom Sayer and the events happened in the summer of 1969. Dr. Dayer is a research physician, who is confronted with a number of patients who had been illed in decades. The movie tells the story of a very dedicated doctor to his job to find the cure to his patients and you will also see how the Dr. Sayer and other hospital stuff helps each other to make everything possible for their patients. In the movie it had been seen how Dr. Sayer and Leonard
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Sayer (Robert William) if he could stop what’s happening to him had struck me the most. Because I felt how hard it is for him to be able to have what you’ve lost for a long period of time and would only be taken away from you again. And also I felt the weight on Dr. Sayer’s shoulder as he listens and sees Leonard’s situation again. I felt the weight of somehow being the reason for Leonard to only have so little when he had lost so much. But despite this he still tried his best to help Leonard get back his life. I saw how hard it is to be a doctor especially (we’re) in a medical course. It’s hard to be in Dr. Sayer’s place when you have patients that you’d want to cure but all you have are your beliefs, theories that are yet to be proven and the uncertainty of them being really cured. But I do believe what Dr. Sayer said nearing the last part, “ human spirit is more powerful than any
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