Analysis Of The Movie David Helfgott

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The life story of a mad genius - one of the best pianists of our time, David Helfgott inspired the creation of the Australian movie Shine (1997), directed by Scott Hicks. The film was awarded seven nominations for "Oscar" and "Oscar" itself for Best Actor, performed by Geoffrey Rush, with whom Helfgott has not only attitude in common, but also a striking resemblance. In the motion picture Shine, the main character David Helfgott is a genuine example of a person suffering from Schizophrenia. From the very beginning of the movie the precision of the diagnosis is obvious through the parenting David had experienced in the childhood and relationships with his cruel father. Schizophrenia as an independent mental disorder has already been known for over 100 years. However, all the attempts to establish its causes have failed so far. Until now, scientists have closely approached the disclosure of the genetic mysteries of disease, studying brain asymmetry - a phenomenon inherent to every human being. Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder connected with the infringement of associative thinking. In other words, this is a split in consciousness, soul fragmentation, and a breakdown of the human psyche. Schizoaffective Disorder We can trace David Helfgott’s symptoms of Schizophrenia from the very onset of the disease. According to William H. Murray, "the time period between late adolescence and early adulthood are the peak years for the onset of the schizoaffective disorder" (21),

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