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Dheepan: Movie Analysis ‘Dheepan’ is the story of three Tamil refugees who escape the Sri-Lankan Civil War and come to France in hopes of living a better life away from fear and violence. After escaping the dire conditions of the Civil War, Sivadhasan, Yalini, and Illayaal, find themselves in Le Pré -a housing project in the suburbs of Paris. It is here that they try to make a home for themselves in their new community. Living in an increasingly globalized world helped the “family” stay connected to their people and culture, despite living in a different country away from Sri Lanka. Globalization also contributed to their exposure to different people and ways of living. Although the “family” tried to adapt to their new surroundings, problems such as living near violent drug dealers made the process of integration difficult. Dheepan is an important film as it explores the many challenges refugees and other migrants face when looking for a place to settle and call home. The Sri Lankan Civil War was a violent and a complex social and political conflict fought between the Sri Lankan state and the Tamil guerrilla group, known as The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers fought for the minority Sri Lankan Tamils who were often discriminated against by the Sinhalese majority (Thiranagama, 2011, p. 13). Wishing to find a stable place and the right to belong as members of a minority group, the Tamil militants called for a separate Tamil homeland

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