Analysis Of The Movie Die Welle

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After watching the movie “Die Welle”, also known as “ The Wave” in English, which is a German thriller film that talks about a high school teacher who has to teach a class on autocracy, despite being an anarchist. I started questioning myself whether another dictatorship in the Arab world could be possible, such as the ones that were ruled by prominent leaders such as “Saddam Hussein” and “Muammar Gaddafi”. In the movie, the teacher starts an experiment to show how a country’s citizens can be manipulated easily. He uses certain tactics to guide them which results in the construction of a new ideological belief. These tactics he used were very similar to the tactics Hezbollah have been trying to use ever since they were officially established in 1985. These tactics didn 't exactly brainwash people, but manipulated them through a certain process, which mostly depended on the people’s conditions. This response will deal with the tactics with this particular ideological construction. One of the major tactics the high school teacher suggested was that all students had to wear the same uniform, which would remove class distinction, and make the group unite better. This tactic really helped the students to socially accept one another despite race, religion, and most importantly social class. The teacher also believed that if the students wore a uniform it would increase mutual growth, so the students foster and care for one another. Another tactic the teacher

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