Forget Me Never Analysis

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I did my paper on the movie “Forget Me Never” with Martin Sheen and Mia Farrow it is about a middle age woman named Diane McGowan, who finds out that she has Alzheimer’s Disease and show how she deals with it. The movie starts out with Diane leaving work early to get home for her son’ birthday party and she has an episode that she seems to be lost and has no idea where she is or where she is going. She finds herself driving for several hours not knowing where she is or where is heading. She pulled off the side of the road after a near miss accident. When an officer asks her if she was ok and where she is heading she has no clue. She asks him for ideas of places in the area when she recognizes a place, he asked her east or west part of…show more content…
She showed all the classic signs of having it. She had trouble remembering her own phone number, walking and would stay in bed for what she thought was one day with a headache and it turned out to be several days. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, it takes all the humanity out a person. As Diane put it, it strips away who she is and she will become nothing. The remarkable thing in Diane’s case is that she wanted to talk to other with this disease and went through her doctor to see if she could put her in touch with someone who is dealing with the same things that she is dealing with. This is when she met a gentleman who used to teach at a University and could speak 5 different language and now he was a shell of what he used to be. His name was Dr. Albert Morelli, and he was in the later stages of the disease. He and Diane got along and even went to Minneapolis to speak with others that had the same disease as them. Later, Albert was put in a facility for around the clock care that his sister could no longer do. When Diane found this out she was scared and ran away for the night her husband who up to this point was not listening to his wife about what she was dealing with until that night he ended up finding her at her mother’s old house and he said that he would take care of her as long as he was
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