Analysis Of The Movie Forget Me Never

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I did my paper on the movie “Forget Me Never” with Martin Sheen and Mia Farrow it is about a middle age woman named Diane McGowan, who finds out that she has Alzheimer’s Disease and show how she deals with it. The movie starts out with Diane leaving work early to get home for her son’ birthday party and she has an episode that she seems to be lost and has no idea where she is or where she is going. She finds herself driving for several hours not knowing where she is or where is heading. She pulled off the side of the road after a near miss accident. When an officer asks her if she was ok and where she is heading she has no clue. She asks him for ideas of places in the area when she recognizes a place, he asked her east or west part of town and she responds where there are houses. She finally gets home, and her husband is mad at her not knowing what is going on. After several incidents, she goes to her doctor and he suggests that she has Alzheimer’s and needs to be tested. She goes home and looks through a box of things from her mother’s things and realizes that she also had Alzheimer’s. There were drawings for directions to stores, places so she would not get lost., this is what she did when the officer was giving her directions. As he movie progresses, she finally has an episode at a major work function and ends up calling home were her son gets her and she finally tells the family that she has Alzheimer’s Disease. The movie shows the character go through the
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