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The movie Glory takes set back in the civil war era and in the middle and early end the North started to change, they now are starting to let Blacks fight in the civil war, but same were to only be used as manual labor, so the North was getting the idea that it is time to make a progressive move, but at one set at a time. The first black regiment was to be commanded by Captain Robert Shaw in Massachusetts. They would face forces on South Carolina and their final battle at Fort wager, but first they would all have to face each other and grew together as a whole, and challenged the history of the young United States of Racism and war. In the civil war era both the north and the south are at war about the slaves and both sides also lost
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So the story is that all of the man in the black regiment had to receive less pay only because of their race even if there are laws saying that you can get equal pay, but the government is still giving the order for all of the African Americans to be paid a lower wage. So the regiment made a protest to not receive less pay than the white ones so they rip the papers up and started to yell a chant of not doing that. When the chants continued on all of the white officers, including Captain Shaw ripped up the checks too. So the whole regiment, including the whites is starting to have love for their fellow man so at this moment in time the change is in the air and the different cultures, one oppressed and one the bully and the oppressor are starting to get along in the world does not look so bad anymore. This is going to be a big part in the history of race relations in the civil war era of America because of President Abraham Lincoln’s laws to have to do with abolishing slavery and having freedom. The reason why all of the guys were having a religious service has because it was the night before the big and bloody of Fort Wagner in their speeches they talk about how that they are brave and are…show more content…
The second person in Shaw’s life is Thomas Searles an educated freed man who is Captain Shaw’s friend. When Thomas hears the news about Captain Shaw commanding the black regiment, Thomas is unrelenting to volunteer in fighting in the civil war. The third character is John Rawlins, he is a grave digger that helped save and find Captain Shaw from the battle of Antietam. He is a wise old man that wants everybody to get along, so he is the peacekeeper and leader, Shaw gave Rawlins a promotion so he is now a Sergeant Major, which is the first time ever in history that an African American was being promoted to Sergeant Major, so this is a sign of change in the White mental about African Americans. The fourth character in the movie was named Major Cabot Forbes, he is Captain Shaw’s long time Childhood friend who joined the military with Shaw. Major Forbes and Shaw are very tolerant when it comes to helping in creating America’s first Black Regiment, They both want that men to fight in the civil and will do anything to help the 54th achieve all of their

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