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Film Review of the Movie: Himala Himala, a Filipino drama film of the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines with an estimated runtime of 2 hours and 7 minutes, made in 1982 by the director Ishamael Bernal and its script was also written by Ricardo Lee. It is focused on certain points such as how true the religious faith is, and how does this affect people in the society.

LITERARY VALUE In the town of Cupang where the people are experiencing a serious drought thought to be caused by a curse, there lived a girl named Elsa. She claimed of seeing the Virgin Mary and had also been granted healing powers which she shared to her neighbors. She had 7 Apostles that helped her with her healing quest and included in that group were her friends Chayong, Sepa, and Baldo. Later, joined the businesswoman Mrs. Alba. Orly, a filmmaker from the city of manila tried to document the rather popular Elsa with her profound powers. Elsa and her friend Chayong were then raped and that incident led to Chayong’s death through suicide. Elsa stopped healing the people because she thought that she was the reason for certain deaths around her. But then she realized that she was pregnant and was falsely pointed as a bearer of a child from heaven. Soon after, Elsa told the truth in front of a crowd and was shot which led to her death. The story ended with her friend Sepa repeatedly stating the prayer of the Virgin (Hail Mary). A very precise description to the story maybe the unimaginable power of

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