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Criteria A The movie In Time was Directed and written by Andrew Niccol in 2011. The movie 's main premise is that in the future humans are now engineered to stop aging at 25 years and given one more year to live. In this universe time has now a double value as it is used economically to make exchanges but it also represents the time till your death. As a result, society have been divided groups, some live with minimum wages which puts them every day on the brink of death, but also a small group of people who get to live forever and live in the highest of luxuries. Which makes it a question, how is the movie In Time, a reflection of the life’s of American citizens in respect to their socioeconomic status of the United States between 2010-2016?. To answer this question will analyze the movie, use interviews with director Andrew Niccol, Reviews and essays based on the movie and finally stats from the quality of life of the American population based on their income. The movie In Time first presents us our main character Will Salas waking up in bed, staring at was is his exact time left of live, twenty-three hours 48 minutes and 30 seconds, as he explains us how this world works. “I don’t have time, I don’t have time to care how it came to be this way is just how things are, and I just wish that I had more time than hours in a day 's.” The rich stay a life and everyone else has to work to earn some more or die, as time now is both life and currency. Will lives in

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