Analysis Of The Movie Interstellar

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Space, the stars and planets found in movies, were the start of our fantasies of what is beyond our observable celestial region. Especially nowadays with high technology in the film industry, producers and directors have achieved to captivate us on a journey in space, which can be both entertaining and educational. However, most movies exaggerate and show false accusations, they only show what would be entertaining for the viewers, regardless of the untrue facts.

The Movie Interstellar

I first found an interest in astronomy after I watched the movie Interstellar. “A movie about a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” (Lussier, 2013) However my interest did not start up until I watched the 45 min. documentary of the movie on You-tube, which was directed by the same man who made the movie, Christopher Nolan. When I watched it, I was left confused, yet fascinated by the idea of discovering other planets out in the universe and being able to visit them. I was also mesmerized from the scene where the human hibernation process took place. Despite the fact that the director and his team managed to make the science fiction movie as realistic as possible, using computer technology and graphic designs, the confusion mostly hit me at the end of the movie, with the sort of time travel scenes. Even though time travel is an interesting topic, and many movies have shown it in a simplistic way, this movie portrayed time travel
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