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The movie Leap of Faith had some realistic portrayals or ideas of faith in the characters. For the main characters, they are realistic because they do not believe in the faith or the religious act they are doing. This portrayal is realistic because there are some out there who don’t have any faith or believe in anything. As for the people who are visiting or attending these shows or sermons it is realistic of some people’s faith. I say this is realistic because some idolize preachers and pay to see them. I see the elements of faith, trust, and unity. I chose these because part of faith seems to be hope. Having hope in something or someone such as a higher power. Which is seen in the film with having hope in God. The main character who was leading…show more content…
When the crowd was not active or participating in the beginning, the girl crew member began telling the main character what to say. That is when the crowd began trusting them and one couple was even seen giving extra money because they were one of the people to have information shared about them. Finally, I saw unity being highlighted. Towards the end of the movie, after the kid could walk. The families were seen camping and being in tents. We saw them reading the bible, gathering around a camp fire, and more. Faith brings people together. Whether it is realistic or overly dramatized. I would say it is in the middle. For the elements highlighted I say they are realistic. In order to believe or have complete faith in something or a higher power you need to trust in what you are believing in. Which was portrayed realistically in the movie. The crowd needed proof to see that it was real. As mentioned, when the main character made accurate statements and the people confirmed it was true, then the crowd opened up. Whether it is overly dramatized is also in the middle. Being Pentecostal Christian, I have seen and attended services that get very riled up almost like the

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