Analysis Of The Movie 'Life Is Beautiful'

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La vita ė Bella is a 1997 Italian romance, drama and comedy film written and directed by Robert Benigni and was adapted from his book. Robert who plays the role of Guido and is the main character of the film, showed an outstanding act. The movie gets even better for he was with her wife, Nicoletta Braschi, who was also her wife in the movie. The film was great because it shows us the positivity of life. It was entitled “Life is Beautiful” because it shows that despite of having difficulties in life, being positive helps us to overcome those difficulties and there will always be a solution if you don’t let negativity enter your life. The most important sequence for me is when a German caught Guido and his son saw him. For his son not to worry, Guido walked in a goofy way to make reassurance that he will be okay not knowing that it will be the last time he would see his son. According to Academy Awards (1998), the movie received numerous awards such as Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film , Academy Award for Best Actor (Roberto Benigni) and Academy Award for Best Original Music Score.This signifies that you will do everything for your family even though it costs your life. The movie is about the human spirit. Guido (Robert Benigni) was a goofy but an open-minded man. He was a Jewish-Italian citizen and working as a waiter in his Uncle Eliseo’s hotel and restaurant. As he arrives in town with his friend’s car, he met a teacher named Dora (Nicoletta Braschi),
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