Analysis Of The Movie One Day

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One Day is a romance drama comedy movie released in 2011 with an unexpected ending. In the following paragraphs I will share information about its origins, important facts about the film and its plot. And finally, I will expose one of the topics of that in my opinion makes this romantic movie out of the ordinary.

Regarding its origins, the movie One Day is an adaptation from the homonymous novel by David Nicholls. The book tells the story of the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew over 20 years, in the same day.

Most of the story is written in chronological order in which each chapter represents a year except for the chapters which flash back to the beginning of the story. The author published the book in 2009 and then he adapted his novel as a film script.

With reference to the movie, it was directed by Lone Scherfig and produced by Nina Jacobson. And in August 2011 Focus Features released the film starring Anne Hathaway as Emma and Jim Sturgess as Dexter.

The movie follows the same plot of the book. It stars on July 15th, 2006 but then it takes us back to the night of July 14th, 1988 in which the two protagonists met, after their graduation from the University of Edinburgh. Having spent the night together, the morning of July 15th Dexter tells Emma it is St. Swithin 's Day and the movie shows us the lives of the protagonists on this day for twenty three years.

At the beginning, we see Emma as an ambitious girl who looks forward to become a writer but success does
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