Analysis Of The Movie The Martian

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The Martian Us as teenagers may at the first look at the movie The Martian and think its science related. The Martian is about these five astronauts that go to Mars, after they are there for awhile a huge storm happened. An antenna goes through one of the members Mark and he died. At least that 's what they thought. The rest of the members leave Mars. Mark (who is a astronaut and a botanist) has to try to survive, he doesn 't know how long he 'll be on Mars or if he 'll ever get back to Earth. You might also think that it 's just another space movie that 's boring and confusing. Well that 's completely wrong. The Martian is anything but boring or confusing. It is nothing what you would expect. At first I didn 't want to watch it, but after I did I was so happy I gave it a chance. It is so interesting and surprisingly very funny. This movie was won two Golden Globes as well. The Martian may not seem like a movie for teenagers, but it turns out being very interesting and humorous. This isn 't your average space movie by any means. Most space movies are always on the Moon but this one is on Mars. When Mark finds out he is alone he first realizes that they don 't know he 's alive otherwise they wouldn 't have left him on Mars, alone. Another fact is, he has a hole in his stomach that is bleeding non-stop. In most space movies the person usually just starts floating in space and they are with the rest of their crew. Mark 's situation is way more complex. He doesn 't have any
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