Analysis Of The Movie 'Unbroken'

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The man that is known to be unbroken. A movie in 2014 called Unbroken was about Louis Zamperini. In it, it showed his childhood where he was a troublemaker then he was told by his brother to start running. After running for years he goes to the Olympics and was the first American which was unexpected. He then joined the Army and was captured and held in a prisoner of war camp. Was the title for the movie good and is he someone you would admire. Louis Zamperini was the man that was unbroken. The title for this film was well suited. During the Olympics he was at the back nobody expected him to move up, he didn’t give up he kept pushing himself and was the first American to finish. Louis Zamperini crashed and lived in a raft for 47 days. He didn’t break under that he…show more content…
Louie went from the back of the pack in the Olympics to the first American to finish which deserves respect how he kept on persevering even though most people thought he wasn’t going to make it.He survived for forty-seven days on a raft he survived by knowing what to do. He has also survived through a prisoner of war camp where he was brutally beaten and was forced to do things that most people wouldn’t make it through. Louie was also offered a deal to talk bad about America and not go back to the prisoner of war camp he declined. Louie was very admirable declining the deal even though he knew he would have to go back where he would be hurt and have to do many more things forcefully. Louie is a person that deserves to be admired by everyone because of how good of a person he was. Louis Zamperini is the man that never broke. The man started out as a troublemaker then become something most people wish to become.This movie title is well deserved and well suited for him. He deserves to be admired by everyone for the things he did and went through. Louis Zamperini was a great man that was never

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