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I got a bit too overzealous with my review; ANYWAY, I found myself really enjoying everything "Vertigo" had to offer to me, only with a few nitpicks here and there. I will be going over some minor events and some plot holes in the movie and some details that I found a little iffy to me, but I 'll try my best to be as vague as literaturally possible, I don 't even know if that’s a real word. It isn 't. "Vertigo" was Directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958 Starring James Stewart as John (or Johnny) Ferguson, Kim Novak as Madeleine Elster, Tom Helmore as Gavin Elster, and Barbara Bel Geddes as Midge Wood. The story fallows Johnny, a ex-police detective who quit the force after he got his partner killed while in chase of a criminal and blames himself for his death because of his Vertigo, "hey that 's the name of the movie." You don 't need to know the criminal and John 's partner aren 't that important, they are basically just a plot device to get John into a weakened mental state, there will only be a like five characters in this movie who have names, so you won’t have problems remembering them. Johnny is now just going through everyday life hanging out with his ex-fiancée Midge Wood while trying to deal with his Vertigo. Than one day he was asked for a solid from his friend Gavin Elster to follow his wife, Madeleine Elster, around the city because of her strange behavior recently and he wants Johnny to solve it. So, now that all of that is out of the way I can get to the to the

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