Analysis Of The Movie Wit

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I found this movie interesting because I agree with what the film implied on how all patient share a commonality called vulnerability. In the movie Wit, you are allowed a peek into the medical world that shows disregard for humanity. The film revolves around an English professor, Vivian Bearing, being diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, the treatment, and how her professional status is taken away for being a patient. A major theme of this movie is dependency on others by chronicling Vivian 's trial treatment and it allows the viewers a peek into the world of a patient dying from cancer. After watching the film, I noticed that there were a lot of significant moral issues, which correlates with the nursing profession. One of it is the proper way of upholding patient 's rights when it comes to medical research. As a nursing major, I am aware that it is one of my ethical responsibilities to ensure that utmost care and treatment are provided to my patient 's advocate which means that we should stand and do something when we see malpractice being done to our patients. The doctors used Vivian as a research subject, but her nurse Susie struggles to guarantee the most beneficial care and treatment is provided for her. This film depicts the significance of advocating and fighting for patients as well as their rights in order to ensure that they are receiving optimal medical treatment. This film purpose is to help us realize that every member in the healthcare team has their
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