Analysis Of The Novel: The Earth Of Mankind

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It deals with themes of power that makes people respected and hasauthority in controlling the society. This novel has been translated in 33 languages and ever banned in 1981 by the government. In September 2005, this novel was published again in Indonesia by Lantern Dipantara. This Earth of Mankind novel is written by PramoedyaAnantaToer, a famous of the prolific authors in the history of Indonesian literature. PramoedyaAnantaToer was born in Blora, Central Java on February 6th 1925. He was studied at Radio Vocational School in Surabaya, then worked as a typist for the Japanese newspaper in Jakarta during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. And he died on April 30th 2006 in Jakarta(Bordwell & Thompson, 1990). This Earth of Mankind novel tells about Minke, a native boy who has a mindset like an European, he was not the ordinary indigenous breeds, his blood still flows the blood of the kings of Java and so, he could get an education at HBS. In Mellema’s family he meets Annelies, a girl who is so beautiful; her beauty was mentioned more than the beauty of the Queen of the Netherlands at the time, Queen Wilhelma. She was the daughter of a wonderful mother, a mother who is so capable of taking care of a lot of work including BoerderijBoeitenzorgafter MrMellema, his master, his husband who is not valid, turned into a crazy people who have no care about anything around him. Minke and Nyaiare both proud, highly educated, strong-willed individuals, who refuse to accept the
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