Short Essay On The Outsiders

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The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. This is a book about a town that is split into two parts. The Greasers and the Socials. The Greasers were the lower social class people who didn’t have that much money and lived on the poorer side of the town. The Socials were the rich people that would always make fun of the greasers. Nobody from either class could be seen walking alone because of the other class see, they would jump them. It talks about 2 weeks in the life of a boy named Ponyboy and the struggles of being an outsider. Half way through the book Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally go to the movies they meet to girls here at the movies and Dally leaves. After this Johnny and Ponyboy take these two girls walking to a friends house to drive them home. During…show more content…
One moment in particular when Johnny and Ponyboy were walking these two social girls to a friends house to drive them home. On the way over there they find the girls drunken boyfriends and the girls are forced to go with them. When the girls go behind them the guys go and start drowning Ponyboy until he goes unconscious. When he wakes up he is lying next to the corpse of Bob one of the girls boyfriend. Johnny says if he wouldn’t have killed him than they would have drowned you aka (Ponyboy) and beat me up. After this they call Dally and he goes picks them up and takes them to a Church outside of town. They hide out here for awhile until Dallas comes to check up on them. He tells them ever since Bob 's death the greasers and socials rivalry amplified and there is going to be a big fight the next day. Johnny and Ponyboy say they want to go for the fight and on there way back to town they turn around and see the church was burning. They quickly got out and went into the fire to help the kids and when they were taking the last kid out the roof caves in and Ponyboy blacks out. He wakes up in an ambulance and is told he only has minor burns and bruises. Dallas really isn’t hurt either but Johnny has a broken back. I’ll leave it there to not spoil the book for
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