Pearh Vihar Case Summary

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The Pearh Vihear is a Hindu Old temple, which has been a very controversial site for centuries. This place has caused many disputes between Thailand and Cambodia over its placement. Therefore, I will explain some important points of this case in my summary, which includes the facts of the case, the arguments of the parties, the possible challenges for the implantation of the decision and the impact of the case on the international law.
The facts of this case are such as, the Preah Vihear temple is Idiosyncratic and historic temple, which was built under the kingdom of Suryaverman. The location of this temple is between the Thailand and Cambodian kingdoms, specifically located in Dangrek Mountains. Although the exact date of building this Preah Vihear Temple is not clear, but it is said to be built between 9th to 11th centuries. Moreover, the main reason for making this temple was to honor the Hindu god Shiva. This temple is consisted of outstanding religious and cultural values and also known for its beauty, which grabs the attention of many tourists. (Mom, Sophanny. Sec.2) Furthermore, in the next paragraph of this essay
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Moreover, there was another important reason for this dispute, which is the Anex 1 map. This map was a request of Siam government to French Government officials to create it. Therefore, after the creation of this map, the temple was shown on the Cambodian side, which led to complete disagreement of Thailand government. To conclude, this map was not the work of mixed commission according to Thailand. The frontier was to follow the watershed line. This watershed line was in Cambodia according to the new Anex 1 map, but the Thailand government stated that the true watershed line would pass the temple from Thailand (CASE CONCERNING THE TEMPLE OF PREAH VIHEAR.sec.2, Par.3,
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