Perks Of Being A Wallflower Reflection Paper

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the book I read in the summer of 2014, has an everlasting influence on my life as it talked about Charlie Kelmeckis, the first year high school student as the strange kid who spent his summer in mental institution, and Patrick, the senior student who over time attempted to help out the younger students. Charlie was the main character that represents the harsh reality of high school and how people we know aren’t truly themselves around us. Charlie wrote these so-called letters to his friend in hopes of finding a way to release all his anger, depression, and grief thrown into him from the world falling apart in front of his eyes. Since he persevered through his difficult time, this character also helped me tackled the monsters that ran the circus in my…show more content…
While there have been a few moments I can remember when I talked to the younger students to help them, there is this one situation that reminds me not to stop. One of the girls who did not seem to pay attention to my reflection about high school had posted on Facebook that she was not doing well mentally. Since the book taught me to help create a positive environment for people, I messaged her to ask why she was feeling the way she did. She reminded of middle school me, but after hours of talking she wanted me to ask the counselor at our school when she could come in to talk to her.
For some a book may just be book, but The Perks of Being a Wallflower, became my story, and behind every story is more than what is written. This book has helped shape me into the strong leader I am now, from the depressed first year student walking the halls in fear to the soon to be Friona High School graduate walking the stage placed on the football field on May 25, then lastly loading my car to head out on the journey that is Sam Houston State University.
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