Analysis Of The Pillowman

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What do murder, storytelling, and brotherly love have in common? It all goes back to this twisted tale, The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh. The play starts off with Katurian in an interrogation room, blindfolded and confused. He is immediately told to take off his blindfold because it looks “stupid”, according to Tupolski (5). Tupolski is one of the two investigators that are interrogating Katurian and Michael, along with Ariel Without directly telling him, Tupolski and Ariel start to ask about Katurian’s stories and about some news stories in the current papers. Katurian at this point still has no clue as to why he has been brought here, for he thinks the stories are simply that, just stories. Katurian knows that Michael is being interrogated too when he heard screams and Ariel came back into the room adjusting a bloody cloth (20). The plot thickens and takes a dark turn when Katurian goes into his brother Michael’s interrogation room only to find out his brother is the evil mind behind the recent killing of three children. Michael defends his actions by stating he only murdered those children because he was curious to see how crazy his brother’s stories really were, so he decided to try them out. After an emotional conversation, Katurian decides to kill his brother the same way he killed his parents all those years ago for mistreating Michael over a long period of time when they were younger. Katurian decided to hold a pillow over his face until he can no longer breathe.
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