Analysis Of The Plastic Pink Flamingo

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In Jennifer Price’s essay “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,” she expresses her view on the Unites States Culture to the American citizens. She describes the pink flamingo, a flashy and iconic figure, in a manner that proves ironic and critical to make her point that the culture of the United States has become attention seeking and overconfident. In Price’s first paragraph, she uses the historical background of the pink flamingo to show the transition, or evolution, of its rising popularity. “The Flamingo had made the bird synonymous with wealth and pizzazz”, is a direct insight to her point that the U.S was becoming greed stricken. Further, Price directly relates Americans and the flamingo together by using the terms “flocking” and “splashing”. Her shift in tone relates to the feeling of simplistic values being overlooked by the egotistical aspects of modern-day society.…show more content…
She starts by introducing the real birds in her second paragraph and then weans off of that idea and towards the plastic kind. This shows Price’s feelings for the lack of appreciation for nature and the growing desire for the more popular, fake accustoms. By stating “the flamboyant oasis of instant riches…”, to explain Las Vegas, she is intentionally tieing it into the relation of boldness and extravagance of the pink flamingo, as well as comparing both to the annoyance of “semiotic sprouts” that may keep
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