Analysis Of Dog Sees God Confessions Of A Teenage Blockhead

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The play” Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” was an interesting look at bullying through the eyes of teenage peanuts characters. We all remember our innocent childhood friends that walked us through the experiences of life, introducing new ideas and everyday interactions. Well, those kids grew up and Charlie Brown and the crew now show us the reality of the teenage struggles in the 21st century. The interpretation was very insightful and the characters felt real, creating a connection with childhood friends and reminding us of the reasons we loved them. The introduction to the grown up version of the characters was exciting and made the audience think back about the unique traits that made those characters memorable. It was fun to see how the grown versions turned out and how the friendships evolved and the relationships changed through each interaction and experience. The powerful hate that Pig pen (Matt) felt for Beethoven was an example of the fear of ignorant people and the struggle to accept what we do not understand. The ignorance that follows misguided understanding leads to everlasting consequences when pig pen…show more content…
This play does just that. It looks deeper than just an entertaining night at the theatre it encourages conversation and debate. It forces people to discuss the uncomfortable topics and increases understanding of unfamiliar situations. I watched the audience cringe and become uncomfortable, I saw the characters bring us together and tear us apart, but most of all I felt a connection, an understanding with my fellow audience members when we all walked out together still saddens by the events that had taken place. If your are looking for an intriguing night filled with a roller coaster of emotion that leads to a deeper understand of your fellow humans than this is the show for

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