Analysis Of The Poem For My Sister By Liz Lochhead

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“Poem for My Sister” written by Liz Lochhead, is a poem describing the relationship between two sisters and their experiences. As with almost all siblings, the younger sister looks up to her older sister and strives to be like her whereas the older sister in this poem has been through numerous hardships and troubles in her life and warns her stubborn sister to not follow in her footsteps. The reader can relate to the poem as they are either an adult or a child and both ages apprehend the feelings and emotions that the characters are experiencing. A deeper meaning this poem suggests is that the experience of adulthood should be seen as advice for the upcoming generations. The poet has shown how easily influenced children are and how they strive to be like their elders by using shoes as a representation and symbol for different lifestyles. “My little sister likes to try my shoes, to strut in them…” This line shows to the reader that this child not only admires, but idolizes her elder sister and is deciding to follow her behaviour and her choices. The fact that she not only likes to try on her elder sisters “shoes” but to also strut in them represents how the child wishes to draw attention to herself and is trying to seek the attention and approval of her elder sister. This shows that this young juvenile is easily influenced by even the most petty and minuscule choices and decisions that her sibling had made. “She says they fit her perfectly, but wobbles on their high heels,
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