Analysis Of The Poem Litany

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The poem Litany recalls the 1960s smilingly tick off the resonances and connotations of Duffy’s acknowledged world. The Presence of the poem’ is then used as the basis for the more ‘inside’ revelation. The poet uncovers the secret tensions behind half-understood, through Duffy uses “Sly like a rumor” which can emphasize her looking back as an adult in which the child under renders Duffy’s revisitation of the past both comical and tragic. Childhoods through the play between recognition and misrecognition. The poem litany is based on Duffy’s childhood. The poem is introduced by an adult, who recollects back on a childhood memory. The "terrible marriages crackled" suggests that this is a metaphorical reference to a marriage falling apart. The women were appearing to be too frightened or scared to talk about their personal lives because of their fear and feeling vulnerable. The simile in stanza three: "which tensed the air like an accident" is a negative connotation such as awkwardness. The "An embarrassing word, broken to bits" shows that she could be restricted, lacking freedom. The first main idea of the poem would be on Duffy’s religious perspective and imagery describing the women’s superficial talk and behavior during her period. The first stanza can be seen representing women 's being inhibited by social conventions during the 60s, Although this was not explicit as she was writing this poem at that time.Since women at that time would be going around shopping and buying
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