Analysis Of The Poem 'Somewhere I Have Never Travelled'

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Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
The power of love affects every human being, each one differently. It affects every single person on this planet. Once you fall in love, it is very hard to ever get back to the normal you. Love is complicated, it sometimes make you feel awesome and sometimes makes you feel awful. Love can make us crazy, yes really it can make us crazy. The poem “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” is such a beautiful love poem that is full of meaning. It amazingly shows how the guy is really in love. I chose this poem among every other poem because it is just so romantic and intense. It makes you fall in love. It is very touching, it melts the heart. Moreover, what is interesting about this poem is that it does not have rhyme, but it does have structure. Also, I could notice that there was no capitalization in the whole poem. Another thing is that we do not know who the speaker is, but it might or might not be Cummings. Whoever it is, it does not matter because we already feel what he is feeling. He is completely and totally in love. We know this because he talks about it in every single line of the poem. we see love through out the whole poem. So, this poem details the great, intense feeling of love that the speaker has for his beloved one. This poem is composed of five stanzas, you can see love and too much love in each one of them. In the first stanza of his poem, he talks about his feelings for his beloved. Also, we see that his beloved affects him

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