Analysis Of The Poem The Barbie Doll

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The “Barbie Doll” written by Marge Piercy relates to the complication that some girls faced in the past and also in this generation which, they are force to be something they are not. Overall, the poem is quite easy to understand because it uses some simple and standard everyday words that attracted me as a person who is not fond with poems.
Piercy did not use the word “Barbie Doll” other than the title but it acts as an imagery throughout the poem.
Piercy starts the poem with an introduction of the “girlchild” which is a made up word to show that the girl she is talking about is experiencing her childhood moment. She was born normally and typically raised with toys that a girl normally plays which is dolls, miniature kitchen equipment and some makeup tools. Then, when she reached puberty everything changed. She lost here childhood life which she has nothing to worry about such as how she looks and acts. “You have a great big nose and fat legs” is the what her friends called her. The girl is humiliated by a really harsh and mean words until she loses her confidence and questions her physical appearances.
The speaker describes the girl true self which is strong, intelligent, possessed strong arms, have a normal sexual desire and she should
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It may be caused by the undeveloped technology of cosmetic plastic surgery at that time. People displayed her in a casket like how Barbie dolls is being displayed in a box when it is being sold. She looks really beautiful and perfect now like how everyone expected to be. She took her life because the people around her does not want to accept her as she was. “Doesn't she look pretty?” is a sarcastic question that the writer asks and she wants to hear if she was still alive. But at last people admired her when she was dead and displayed in the casket like how Barbie is admired in their box. She never got the chance to be herself and live a normal
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