Analysis Of The Poetry Slam 'Sons'

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Poetry slams are an increasingly popular way of expressing and criticizing public debates/thoughts and are therefore a new creative way of putting forward opinions. This paper will empathize how the poetry slam ‘Sons’ from 2013 criticizes the American society’s reaction on rape and how this reaction leads to a continuous teach of rape culture. This will be achieved through a rhetorical analysis of the figure of speech. Moreover, an analysis of particular word connotations will prove that the poetry slam unconsciously transmits a serious and sad mood to the reader/listener by using semantic relations.

The Poetry Slam
The poetry slam ‘Sons’ by Rudi Francisco and Terisa Siagatonu was performed at the National Poetry Slam in Los
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On the last page of the poetry slam “It teaches …” is repeated four times in a row. This time it is ‘teaches’ instead of ‘learned’ but it empathizes the same thing because you cannot teach without someone learning and you cannot learn if nothing was taught. Interestingly, in the following “It teaches…”, it says women, men and us. Again, it mentions the specific gender to empathizes that society teaches men something specific, women something specific but also that it teaches us something specific. The Anaphora is used to empathize the teaching but the distinction between the genders is done, no matter if consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, one could argue that it again emphasizes the different rules which the different gender was…show more content…
Looking at the whole meaning of the text, in connection to this conclusion of the usage of linguistic devices, one can say that this poetry slam empathizes that rape culture is something that is taught and learned from and by society. It empathizes that the way the American society is reacting on rape is part of the bad cycle and wrong because it teaches rape culture. Moreover, the usage of words with negative connotations create a serious and sad mood which underlines the importance and seriousness of the topic of rape. Society is created by people within it, that means us, and if we don’t change, society will not change and the rape culture will continually be taught to our

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