Analysis Of The Possibility Of Evil By Miss Strangeworth

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Throughout time, the act of anonymously sending a hateful message, regardless of factuality has always been prevalent. In the past, it could have been through rumors or ink letters, but in modern times they’re most commonly seen in online messages. This act is vile to its purest form, yet it is still a distinguishable part of human society. In the short story “The Possibility of Evil”, this vile act was presented by the protagonist Miss Strangeworth. Throughout the story, she has been seen writing toxic letters to her neighbors, uncaring about the truth and the feelings of those around her. The reason why this act is so prevalent is that it goes hand and hand with human society. As humans, there are some occasions when people admit it or not when they enjoy the misfortunes of others because it makes us feel better about our own situations. Writing poisonous messages anonymously might be a way for people to vent out their own miseries onto others, causing them to take them out on the innocent. In…show more content…
As previously mentioned, the most commonly try to take out their own pain on others and care less about what they are criticizing, which could be why facts are not something they’re interested in. When you take this into consideration in “The Possibility of Evil”, it shows how Miss Strangeworth is someone who could be in the grieving process over a betrayal from a spouse or child, a long one to be exact. Of course on the other end of the spectrum, she could also just be someone who enjoys the pain of others for no other reason than enjoying it. If this was the case, then Miss Strangeworth would most likely be a psychopath. She pretends to be a kind old lady, while in reality, she has a truly hideous personality. Nevertheless, no matter what reasons she has for her vile acts, it doesn’t say anything positive about her
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