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The Powerful Puff Girls The original series of The Powerpuff Girls was one of my favorite shows to watch as a child, where three little girls who have superpowers go around their city and fight anyone who poses danger. The show is a representation of how strong girls can be, how they have the ability to kick ass and save the world. While the show exhibits girls as brave and daring, it still conforms to the usual gendered and heteronormative society we live in where girls think boys are irresistible and where boys will be boys and girls just have to deal with it. Some of the characters give representation to different ideals, such as androgyny and being a single father, but it 's not always positive. The three main characters of the show are…show more content…
He asks Professor Utonium what the girls are made of, to which he replies "8 cups of sugar, a pinch of spice, one tablespoon of everything nice." After Mojo Jojo hangs up, he says to himself, "Sugar and spice and everything nice? That 's too girlish. I need something tougher, harder, more manly. What are little boys made of?" This is followed by scenes of Mojo Jojo going around the prison he is in, collecting different items, including armpit hair, snails, and even the tail of a dog. This is an example of toxic masculinity because sugar, spice, and everything nice is considered a girlish thing, while crude things like armpit hair and the tail of a dog is masculine and tough. Men have to be tough and can 't be nice or sweet because it doesn 't fit the standards we have for them. Once the boys are essentially "born," Brick, who is known as Blossom 's counterpart, is immediately aggressive toward Mojo Jojo; nearly the first words out of Brick 's mouth are, "We 're here to kick some butt, and since yours is the only one around, we 're going to start with
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