Analysis Of The Psychopath Test By John Ronson

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Ronson, Jon. “Strange Answers to the Psychopath Test.” One in a 100 people is a psychopath. If there is a school of 1,500 people, 15 of those people are a psychopath or have psychopathic trait/tendencies. The author Jon Ronson of the book “The Psychopath Test” tell us about the fine line between crazy and sane. Is one considered sane in the views of society? Or is society crazy and our own selves sane? Put on your aluminum foil hats everybody because there is a story to be told.
“wondering if I was much crazier than I thought I was, or maybe it 's not a good idea to diagnose yourself with a mental disorder if you 're not a trained professional, or maybe the psychiatry profession has a kind of strange desire to label what
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