Analysis Of The Quest For Self In Sudha Murty

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ABSTRACT The purpose of the paper is to study quest for self in the novels of Sudha Murty, taking in account the complexity of life, different histories, culture and different structure of values, the women’s question, despite basic solidarity, needs to be tackled in relation to socio-cultural situation. Women under patriarchal pressure and control are subjected to much more bunts and social exclusion. They live and struggle under the oppressive mechanism of closed society, is very much reflected in her writings. They are more discriminated and biased in lieu of their sex. Murty is considered to be one of the most realistic author, for she is able to bring the true picture of psyche of the women changing with the times. Her concern for the women who are caught in the dilemma of liberty and individuality or stability and protection is understandable. The paper presents the way in which the Urban middle class women portrayed struggling to self identity in Sudha Murty’s four novels – Gently Falls the Bakula, Mahashwetha, The House of Cards and Dollar Bahu . All these four novels are women centered and woman’s emotions and attitudes are delineated quite meticulously. We see budding new women try to assert their own identity in this male dominated world. The study of the research concludes today’s new women are ready to accomplishing their aspirations. A woman, like a man, wishes to satisfy her intellectual self. Key words : Indian English Literature, Feminism, Sudha Murty,
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