Conflict In Those Winter Sundays

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Robert Hayden a poet who uses the tragic world around him to write his version of the truth. The work that Hayden has published contains several different meanings, but in almost every poem there is a small reference to the conflict of humanity. He does not want to believe that human decency is dead, he wishes to see the good in the world, but it is difficult when history contradicts his beliefs. He writes the truth and tells the world what he thinks without ever stating it directly. Robert Hayden, a man of many words, struggles with the conflict between the evil and the tiny shred of human decency that society still contains throughout his works or poetry.
The poetry that Hayden produces all has their own conflict, just like the world around
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It is just our nature. The competitive nature to be better than someone else. This natural instinct is not an excuse to treat people as if they do not exist as if they don’t matter. Hayden understands this concept well and deeply. He realizes that people are going to naturally want to be better than the person next to them, even if that person is closely related to them. Therein lies the problem that he exposes. This competitive nature is not going to bode well for anyone in the future. We can see the competition, the competition between father and son in Hayden’s piece, “Those Winter Sundays” (41). It explains that harsh reality that life is not bliss and other people work against you all the time, even those you love. Everyone knows what it feels like to fear what others may think of you, to fear the judgment. It is more difficult if the fear is from someone who one should be able to trust. “Fearing the chronic angers” (41), that judgment brings and fuels society. Along with the judgment, society begins to treat others different for having those fears. Society “speak[s] indifferently” (41), to those who fear because they do not care what happens to them. They believe they should all be strong and have no fear. The notion that only the strong survive in our world, is the motto that society seems to convey to people. It is a motto that should not describe our world
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